Water Planet Game FAQ

Where will the game be released?
Worldwide via Steam and SteamVR

Is the game suitable for all age groups?
We believe there are no themes or visuals which should disturb any culture or age group.

Is there any multiplayer?
The game has been designed to tell the story of Water Planet in only a single player setting. There is no multiplayer.

Will there be a Linux or Mac version?
Mac is planned and has gone through an initial phase of testing. Linux is a possibility, but still untested.

Both VR and desktop are supported?
Yes, we set out to make the game as inclusive as possible. It was designed to play well in VR with motion controllers, and with a monitor, keyboard and mouse. It can be enjoyed both ways which we‘re happy to say.

Are there any differences between the desktop and VR version?
The environments and storyline are the same. Nothing is “cut short” for the desktop version. :)

Will the game be available in other languages?
We are a small diverse team and want to connect with as many mother tongues as we can handle. We will add additional languages through captioning. French and Spanish will be available on launch. Additional localizations could be announced at a future date.

Does the game support 4K?
Yes, it supports 4K.

We will do our best to add more to this FAQ as we receive more messages.

We can also be messaged on support [at] reveracorp {dot} com